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Synergizing marketing principles with trade and sales force goals.

As a branding agency, our trade marketing activities are pivotal in driving sales and strengthening our clients' presence in the market. After the strategy phase, we shift our focus to implementing targeted trade marketing campaigns that engage retailers, distributors, and other partners. Through these trade marketing services, we empower our clients to effectively reach their target market and foster strong partnerships with retailers and distributors, as well as align product and service descriptions with their sales team on the field. Our focus is on POS material design, trade promotions, channel partner training, trade events, tailored campaigns, and market research.


Point of Sale (POS) Material Design

We create visually appealing and informative POS materials, such as shelf talkers, banners, display stands, and product brochures. These materials effectively communicate the brand's value proposition and drive sales at the retail level.

Trade Promotions and Incentives


We design and execute trade promotions and incentive programs to encourage retailers and distributors to promote and sell our clients' products. These programs may include discounts, volume-based incentives, and other trade-specific offers.

Channel Partner Training

We conduct training sessions for channel partners to familiarize them with the brand, product features, and selling points. Well-informed partners are more likely to be effective brand advocates and provide better customer service.

Trade Events and Exhibitions


We organize and participate in trade events and exhibitions to showcase our clients' products to potential distributors, retailers, and business partners. These events help establish valuable connections and expand distribution networks.

Trade Marketing Campaigns

Our trade marketing campaigns are tailored to resonate with the needs and interests of trade partners. These campaigns focus on highlighting the benefits of carrying our clients' products and emphasize how the brand can boost their business.

Market Analysis and Retailer Support


We conduct market analysis to identify opportunities and challenges within specific trade channels. Based on these insights, we offer retailer support and recommendations to improve product placement, merchandising, and sales strategies.


Developing a comprehensive strategy for promoting products or services to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, focusing on driving sales and increasing market share.

Building and maintaining relationships with channel partners, including wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, to ensure effective distribution and availability of products.

Designing and producing promotional materials, such as displays, signage, shelf talkers, banners, and product samples, to enhance visibility and drive sales at the point of purchase.

Creating and executing promotional programs, discounts, incentives, and trade allowances to encourage channel partners to increase sales and promote the brand’s products or services.

Collaborating with retailers to optimize product placement, shelving, and in-store displays to maximize visibility and attract customer attention.

Providing training and resources to sales teams, distributors, or channel partners to effectively sell and promote the brand’s products, focusing on product knowledge, selling techniques, and value propositions.

Developing sales and marketing collateral, such as product catalogs, brochures, presentations, and sales kits, to equip sales teams and channel partners with the necessary tools for effective selling.

Planning and participating in trade shows, exhibitions, and industry events to showcase products, engage with trade professionals, generate leads, and build relationships with key stakeholders.

Collecting and analyzing data on sales performance, distribution channels, market trends, and competitor activities to assess the effectiveness of trade marketing initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement.

Establishing cooperative marketing programs that allow channel partners to receive reimbursement or support from the brand for marketing and promotional activities.

Allocating and managing the trade marketing activation effectively, ensuring the optimal allocation of resources across different trade marketing activities and initiatives.

Conducting market research and analysis to gain insights into trade dynamics, market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer behavior within the trade channel.

Developing communication strategies and materials, such as trade newsletters, sales presentations, email campaigns, and webinars, to keep channel partners informed, engaged, and motivated.

Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, product management, and supply chain, to align trade marketing strategies with broader business objectives and ensure a cohesive approach.


Our e-learning platform and training via mobile app and web academies offer our client a modern, convenient, and effective way to share valuable information and provide comprehensive training to their marketing, trade marketing, and sales force teams. The platform empowers the workforce, leading to improved performance, increased productivity, and ultimately, a competitive edge in the market.

WHY E-LEARNING?7 Perfect Reasons

Our e-learning mission is to transform the working environment into a fun and interactive world that creates a light, easy and playful experience. In this way, the learners will be in direct contact with a teacher that furthers their own growth, motivating them to be more present in everyday, working life. Qreactive, by combining creativity and technical knowledge, will create e-learning modules that will be able to deal with all kinds of contexts, from the most practical to the most theoretical, thanks to an approach that bases content creation on research and a straightforward understanding of the aims & objectives. Engage the user with memorable and applicable content, thanks to multimedia interactions and elements that last the whole module. Explain the focus points of the course in a comprehensive and easy way. Be able to test knowledge gained through quizzes and interactions within interactive lessons.

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Learner retention

Our modules are so easy to use, so learners can go at their own pace or go back to previous bites of information to make sure they get the point. No more boring Power-point presentations, aimless digressions or having to ask the speaker to repeat what they said. By being in control of how fast they go, your staff will retain everything they need to know.


Customisable & branded modules


We don’t offer ‘standard’ modules, because they don’t exist! Being able to use the full range of multimedia, easy-to-read text and eye-catching visuals means that your lessons, training sessions or information packs are totally customisable and open to edits with immediate updates. The sky’s the limit! More than that, brand your courses with your company’s logo, subsidiary brands with colours and even sound to boot! Oh, and did we mention that you can have your course translated into a range of world languages?

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Whenever and wherever


Imagine being able to offer training, share information or teach skills, to any number of staff or colleagues, without having to book a space big enough to hold everyone, without having to make sure that everyone can take the time off, without having to make sure everyone is in the same town, city, or country! Modules can be accessed at any time, on any device, anywhere – all you need is a network connection and off you go!


Time efficient


No waiting for everyone to get settled into their chairs, no long-winded introductions and of course, no travel time to and from the venue… because the learning takes place wherever the user is! Training, lessons and updates can be paused at any time and the user can just pick up again where they left off. Modules are fast, easy to navigate and there’s no waiting for uploads either – save time and give staff the freedom of being able to choose how to pace themselves.

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Feedback & Quizzes


As users go through the modules, you can set questions and tasks to ensure that the message has got through – instant feedback lets staff know what they’ve got right or what they still need to work on. Imagine having a virtual assistant built within the lesson who can ask questions and provide extra help to guide the learner in the right direction. Also, end of unit quizzes, or final tests at the end of a course, provide you with all the data you need in which to see who has passed and who needs to repeat.


Data analysis & LMS



Our service means providing you with a full picture of how many modules a user has completed, how many are left to go and what scored they got in their evaluations. Using Moodle, we offer a sturdy and reliable backend from where our LMS (Learning Management System) operates.

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Another, but very important point, e-learning is by far the eco-friendly choice: without any additional travel, lighting and/or heating a conference room for one day, two or three, and no photocopies!




Our trade app is a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between marketing principles and sales goals, ensuring effectiveness during sales meetings with buyers. It unifies the brand's messaging and commercial language, making it easier to launch new products and services in short meeting times.

"In a quick meeting, you have to persuade the person who is buying from you about the brand's story, the product's uniqueness, the advantages of your offer from the consumer's point of view, and more. All of this information can be accessed through a single mobile app."
  1. Interactive Presentation Creation: Our branding agency will design and develop interactive presentations that are engaging, visually appealing, and user-friendly. These presentations will effectively showcase the brand’s new products and services, emphasizing their unique selling points and benefits.

  2. Brand Messaging Alignment: The trade app ensures that the brand’s messaging is consistent across all materials, aligning marketing goals with sales principles. This consistency enhances the brand’s identity and value proposition, making it easier to communicate the brand’s story during sales meetings.

  3. Product and Service Showcase:  The app will have a dedicated section to showcase the brand’s new products and services with detailed information, visuals, and benefits tailored to the specific needs of retailers.

  4. Fast Meeting-Focused Content: The trade app’s content is optimized for short meeting times, enabling the sales force to deliver impactful and concise presentations that quickly communicate the brand’s value proposition to buyers.

  5. Retailer-Focused Content: The app highlights the benefits of the brand’s offerings for retailers, emphasizing how the products or services will help them boost sales, meet consumer demands, and drive profitability.

  6. Consumer-Centric Messaging: The trade app will also include messaging that emphasizes the uniqueness of the brand’s offerings for consumers, showcasing how these products or services meet their needs and desires, creating strong selling points for retailers.

  7. Customization Options: The app will allow the sales force to customize presentations based on the buyer’s preferences and interests, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to each sales meeting.

  8. Analytics and Performance Tracking: The trade app will provide analytics and performance tracking features, allowing the brand to gather insights on sales performance, customer feedback, and meeting effectiveness.

"In a quick visit, you have to place an order, check the retail price, ensure that your brand is displayed on the shelf, review competitors' pricing and promotions, and more. All of this information can be accessed through a single mobile app."
  1. Streamlined Sales Process: Our trade app streamlines the sales process, enabling the sales force to quickly and effectively present new products and services during meetings with buyers.

  2. Increased Sales Effectiveness: The app equips the sales force with engaging and interactive presentations, enhancing their ability to articulate the brand’s value proposition and close deals successfully.

  3. Consistent Brand Messaging: With unified messaging and content, the trade app ensures that the brand’s identity and value proposition are consistently communicated across all sales interactions.

  4. Time and Cost Savings: The app reduces the time and resources required for preparing presentations and marketing materials, making the sales process more efficient and cost-effective.

  5. Improved Retailer Relations: The app’s retailer-focused content helps build stronger relationships with retailers by showcasing how the brand’s offerings align with their business goals and consumer needs.

  6. Enhanced Consumer Appeal: The app’s consumer-centric messaging highlights the unique benefits of the brand’s offerings for consumers, making them more appealing to retailers and end consumers alike.

  7. Data-Driven Decision Making: With analytics and performance tracking, our client gains valuable data to make informed decisions, optimize sales strategies, and identify areas for improvement.



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