Brand identity

Your brand is more than just your logo, name or slogan. It defines the core values of your company, the quality of your products, and the reason why your clients will choose you. Whether it is brand re-positioning or brand planning from the outset, our role is to create a strategy that will define a strong long-lasting identity for your brand while, at the same time, we constantly monitor changing market trends.

Graphic Design

Each means of contact between the company and its target audience is an opportunity to communicate. Whether online or offline, we will use the best shapes, colours, images and words to ensure your brand stands out.
We are committed to making brands more attractive through high-impact ideas based on a clear understanding of your company’s goals, your strategy and your expectations of the target market. We combine our knowledge, imagination and expertise to ensure your brand identity stands out and your campaign is truly memorable.

Web Development

We will improve your online presence thanks to a combination of creativity, technology and usability. We believe that a website is not just an online shop window but a key way of communicating your identity. This is why we choose solutions that work and give particular attention to content and design.

Content & Social Media Strategy

We create new content, produce videos that go viral, and we’re passionate about the use of social media.
The stories we tell and our content strategies consider all types of media available to create an engaging context which will lead consumers to understand and buy into your brand messages.


Designed to stimulate demand across multiple channels, our advertising campaigns combine creativity, trend awareness and visual impact for a wide range of clients. Whether print, television, digital or a combination of these, all campaigns draw upon Qreactive’s modern aesthetic – and are in tune with the aesthetic values and copy-writing strategy of the clients’ brands.

Strategy & Planning

Based on years of experience working with premium brands across various sectors and geographic areas, Qreactive’s strategic approach employs our informed global perspective to define, position and communicate clearly our clients’ business activities, how they wish to project and position themselves, and their return on investment objectives for each campaign.

International Marketing Strategies

Building a global brand requires more than just launching a web site that’s accessible from almost anywhere in the world. Building a reputation in any new market, especially overseas, requires you to make a good first impression, which comes from the initial interactions someone has with your company, products, and services.
At Q&Q Group our mission is to coordinate all the elements that contribute to a good international marketing strategy, helping you to understand client behaviour, to identify the right positioning, to translate your brand, to think globally, and to find the right partners.

Media Production

Our studio has a fully-equipped versatile shooting space which enables us to recreate various settings and environments. Thanks to our own cooking facilities and the collaboration with Chef and Food Stylist we can market any product with cooking shows, video recipes, and stop-motion techniques.