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The Global Branding Framework

The Q&Q Group Corporation benefits from the collaboration and synergy of two independent agencies based in Italy (Parma and Milan), as well as New York. The mission to deliver campaigns through the most effective marketing channels, designed for both European and North American audiences, reflects a strategic approach that recognizes the diversity and unique characteristics of these two markets, but over time the experiences have led to applying our knowledge to markets around the world.

Q&Q Group delivers creative and strategic branding activities with the objective of providing specific services to support international marketing campaigns. Q&Q Group has been supporting worldwide clients in positioning their products and services through branding, digital, social media, trade marketing, and advertising.

Qreactive is a creative agency that helps people and businesses make their brand better. We have a team of experts in design, digital technology, and performance. We work with different industries like food, healthcare, beauty, technology, hospitality, and retail chains. We help businesses make their brand stronger and grow more by using digital tools like websites, social media and targeted content. We also have experts in creative design, user experience, and project management that help businesses with their marketing efforts. Our customers come from different types of companies, big or small, and we help them figure out the right products and experiences for their customers.
QNY is a creative agency that specializes in design, digital, and performance. We are based in New York and have worked with popular lifestyle brands in hospitality, beauty, and consumables. Our approach is focused on creating a digital system that guides customers through the process of discovering and becoming loyal to a brand. We do this by using strong narratives that are communicated through digital mediums such as websites and content. QNY designs and builds brands for both big and emerging businesses. Our team consists of creative directors, visualizers, UX designers, developers, project managers, and marketing specialists who work to optimize websites for search, engagement, and conversions.


The partnership between Qreactive based in Italy and QNY Creative based in New York offers a unique opportunity for clients seeking effective branding and marketing internationalization. This collaboration leverages the strengths and expertise of both agencies, creating a synergy that can significantly benefit clients in various ways:


  • Cultural Insight and Localization:
    Qreactive in Italy brings in-depth knowledge of the European market and cultural nuances, while QNY Creative in New York has a deep understanding of the American market. This blend of expertise allows for effective localization of branding and marketing strategies, ensuring that the client's message resonates with the target audience in both regions.
  • Global Perspective:
    By working together, these agencies provide clients with a truly global perspective. They can identify trends, opportunities, and potential challenges in both the European and American markets, helping clients make informed decisions about their internationalization efforts.
  • Creative Excellence:
    QNY Creative is known for its creative prowess, while Qreactive boasts a strong creative team as well. Collaboratively, they can develop innovative and compelling branding and marketing campaigns that capture the essence of the client's brand while catering to the unique tastes and preferences of both European and American audiences.
  • Comprehensive Strategy:
    Clients benefit from a comprehensive approach to internationalization. These agencies can develop a unified strategy that covers all aspects of branding and marketing, from visual identity and messaging to digital and traditional advertising, ensuring consistency and coherence across regions.
  • Network and Resources:
    The agencies can tap into each other's networks and resources. This includes access to local influencers, media contacts, and market research capabilities, providing clients with a competitive advantage in both regions.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:
    Collaborative efforts can often lead to cost efficiencies. By sharing resources and expertise, clients can achieve their internationalization goals more efficiently and cost-effectively than if they were to engage separate agencies in each region.
  • Risk Mitigation:
    Internationalization can be complex and risky. The partnership between Qreactive and QNY Creative allows clients to mitigate some of these risks by benefiting from the experience and knowledge of agencies with a proven track record in their respective regions.

"The collaboration between Qreactive and QNY Creative represents a powerful synergy that provides clients with a competitive advantage when it comes to branding and marketing internationalization. With a combination of cultural insight, creative excellence, and a global perspective, these agencies are well-equipped to help clients successfully expand their brands across borders."

Let’s start international branding together!