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A global relaunch: Dr Schär is relaunched globally as Schär
For the purpose of an international re-branding project we have been involved in re-launching the image of Dr. Schär, the No. 1 brand for gluten-free products in Europe.
One of the company’s main objectives was to create a style which would support the global re-launch of Schär products in three different markets: Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We have therefore developed a strategic re-definition of the brand and a vision that enables the Dr. Schär and Bontà d’Italia lines to coexist by unifying product design around the world.

A new gourmet image
In order to simplify the product and to make it instantly recognisable to the consumer, to make it delicious and appetising, we have redesigned the packaging starting with some of the essential elements such as the new flat version of the logo and the iconic yellow which has always been associated with Dr. Schär.
As well as giving it a more modern and attractive image, we have added a sentimental component to our products, and have gradually distanced them from the medical world to instead give them a more home-made and gourmet appeal.

Gluten-free for everyone!
Our challenge was to showcase gluten-free products with examples that refer to the foodie lifestyle, as well as the culture and trend for artisan products and food.
We wanted to develop a friendly, light packaging which would also appeal to consumers without a gluten intolerance. This new style, combined with the range of products from the Schär catalogue, has helped us to publicise our message all over the world: gluten-free for everyone!

Yellow is the colour!

With this campaign we won a gold medal at the Creativity International Design Awards, which has been giving awards to the best campaigns in the communications and design sector since 1970.