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Magna Emilia Street Food

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Street Food Culture

Street Food is much more than just a ready-meal that you eat in the street: it’s a real re-discovery of sensations, stories, and traditions; it’s the revival of long-lost or almost forgotten foods, combined with imagination and creativity. It’s increasingly becoming a social tool that resonates even with the younger generation.

The journey begins in the Food Valley

Magna Emilia is born out of a passion for street food and for Food Valley recipes. It’s a kitchen on wheels which offers gourmet dishes using the finest and most unique products from the Emilia region.
Qreactive was involved in designing the brand image including the iconic truck used to participate in food shows and related events.

By using a design which picks up on the cereal inside it, a logo which recalls the hand-made logos of farm shops, vivid but natural colours and the perfect combination of visual impact and clear communication, familiarity as well as originality, we have given it a modern and playful image closely focused on the consumer looking for healthy and natural products.