Fortland-DiBi KlimaHouse

The history of Fortlan-Dibi Spa began in 2010 from the union of two leading companies operating in the thermal-acoustic insulation sector for over 40 years. The idea arose from the desire to be able to face with ever greater professionalism and competence the challenges of a constantly evolving, more demanding and varied market.

Fortlan-DiBi wants to create a unique expo-booth experience at the KlimaHouse 2019 exhibition. In partnership with Unilin, the company intends to communicate and promote three different products lines with proper technical specs. Great attention is dedicated to the main message strategy and the sales argumentations used during the interaction with prospects and clients.

The story telling process must be focused on technical values – that are unique in the insulation materials – and must proceed from the visibility in the pavilion to the welcoming and the face to face presentation made by the sales people. Visitors must be engaged by those values – immediately, in a fast way – and the message will support all the product innovation advantages under the Save Your Energy tag-line. Target are mainly architects, designers and engineers, all involved in buildings design and interior design.

A visible attractive and functional Stand that engaged many visitors to take a closer look. The fact that the whole stand was constructed with their selling material on different levels gave a positive straight forward impact. It was also considered very eco friendly, perfectly coherent with the company’s slogan “Save your energy”

We decided to build
the entire expo booth
with Fortlan-DiBi products.

Reaching up to 6meters height!