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Del Monte Fruit&Co.

Fruit&Co. is the new Del Monte range that consists of 14 original references based on fruit, vegetables and spices. A product line designed in response to the growing attention of consumers towards healthy eating and the demand for foods rich in fruit and vegetables.
The collection encloses three worlds that offer to the consumers different experiences: the Fruit&Vegetables mix, rich in precious nutrients for the body; Fruit&Spices, a combination of exotic scents and ingredients with beneficial properties; Fruit&Cereals, rich in fiber and vitamins for the consumer looking for a complete product.

Fruit&Co. is ready to conquer consumers thanks to the new format, the 250ml glass bottle with transparent sleeve to bring the fantastic colors of these 14 flavors to life.
The striking graphic of the packaging is able to bring out the natural colors of the product, creating a range that stands out for immediate recognition and attractiveness.
The project also included the naming of the product: a simple but effective solution, which communicates the variety of this line and encourages the consumer to experiment all the tastes in the range.