Bistefani Pasticceria

Bistefani is a well-known confectionery brand, synonymous with traditional, high-quality products in the bakery and patisserie industry. Over the years the brand has adjusted to the changes in the way we eat biscuits and has extended its range in response to new habits and different occasions: such as with a cup of tea or as a snack when you fancy a sweet, delicious and satisfying treat.

Our mission is to reinvent the unique and distinctive characteristics of patisserie biscuits by introducing a new range of three exquisite choices in newly designed packaging.
Nuvò, Folì and Delì have been created to give you delicious moments of delight: all the flavour of a patisserie product in a bite-size biscuit, at any time of the day.

For these three new lines we wanted a name that keeps the Bistefani brand at the forefront, emphasising its authenticity and local traditions.
We chose French-sounding names, which are refined and sophisticated just like the ones you would find in a patisserie. Yet, without taking it too seriously, we have played with the French-influenced Italian dialect from the Piedmont region where the Bistefani brand and its most beloved recipes come from.

We have interpreted the concept of biscuits for all occasions with a modern and attractive image, in which the biscuit becomes the centrepiece of a cascade image repeated on a number of packets next to one another, attracting the consumer’s attention even from a distance.
The visual impact on the shelf is instant. It reaffirms the elegant, creative and sophisticated style of the Bistefani brand’s world and values.