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Vitabella International

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Vitabella has a 150-year tradition of producing high-quality corn and polenta from Italy's Bergamo region. Our focus is on sustainability and we work with local farmers to select non-GMO seeds and carefully monitor crop cultivation. We self-produce energy with solar panels and use minimal plastic in our packaging. Our gluten-free and allergen-free oats and fiber products meet modern nutritional standards.
Vitabella approached Qreactive with the challenge of reimagining the packaging for their product lines under the renowned Molino Nicoli brand. Our proposal successfully won the pitch with a solution that revamped the entire identity and character of the brand in a new design, making the packaging universally adaptable for product launches in both European and U.S. markets.
Our work on Vitabella's Molino Nicoli packaging redesign started with a solid foundation in brand strategy and positioning. Thanks to our extensive experience in the US market and marketing strategy, we designed a groundbreaking solution that made the packaging universally adaptable for product launches in both European and US markets. We developed Vitabella's main product designs by creating a brand architecture to present a clear identity and a unique position for each product line concerning the main brand and competitors.
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