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Since 1983, Vaneton has been a trusted provider of construction solutions in flooring for various sectors, including sports, healthcare, education, public, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our three specialized divisions, Sport, Medical, and Contract, allow us to excel in various fields. We have also ventured into the growing Padel sports trend, providing tailored court solutions. Choose Vaneton for expertise, reliability, and modern solutions in flooring and construction.
Vaneton has presented its new challenge to Qreactive: to refresh its brand identity and create a new corporate image that includes a redesigned logo and website. They need a new headline, logo, and website that can embody all of the Vaneton work system. Eventually, this concept will apply to all aspects of the brand's presence, from product packaging to office tools. This will ensure a cohesive and coordinated brand image that resonates well with their target audience.
We started by figuring out how to make our company stand out to the people we want to reach. We came up with a catchy phrase, "Surfaces to Live," and used it as the main idea for all our work. We redesigned everything, like our website and brochure, to match this new image. Our goal was to make our company's message clear and consistent, both inside and outside the company. We used the same words and pictures for everything, so people could recognize us easily. We put up signs and posters, and set up booths at events so everyone could see our new look. We wanted everyone to know who we are and what we do.
The creation of a new image for Vaneton, a leader in construction flooring, is the first step in a branding strategy. A project developed on several fronts that gave the company a new corporate image and logo.
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In the corporate identity, the three souls that make up the company intersect: sports, medical and construction. We have declined the new visual identity in the graphics of all company materials, starting with the new companion profile and website, with the aim of creating a more coherent communication both internally and externally.
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