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"Toschi Vignola" is an Italian company renowned for producing top-quality food and beverage products with exceptional excellence, mostly in liqueurs, spirits, and fruit-based creations. Based in Vignola, a beautiful town situated in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, the company is known for its 75-year history of producing the traditional walnut liqueur - Nocino, alongside a wide range of fruit syrups and innovative creations. Their dedication to quality and tradition, coupled with innovation, has earned them international recognition in the Italian flavors world.
"Toschi Vignola" is being supported by Qreactive to completely refresh their company images, beginning with a new design for their logo and corporate images. The objective was to extend this new identity across all their products and channels. We secured the project with the compelling headline, "Spirito e dolcezza," (Spirits and Sweetness), which eloquently narrates the brand's story while referencing its primary product ranges: liquor, syrup, bakery, and ice cream. This headline was prominently featured on all product packaging and applied to both online and offline communication materials, effectively uniting the brand's images under this captivating theme.
Qreactive transformed Toschi Vignola's brand identity through a creative process, which involved gaining an understanding of the brand and defining the target audience. They redesigned the logo, imagery, and products by working with the Toschi family to define the brand's core values. The new headline, “Spirito e dolcezza”, artfully narrated the brand's story and incorporated its core product range. The new logo, featuring the "T" of Toschi, was prominently displayed on all products and packaging. This cohesive branding strategy was integrated across various communication channels, including digital and social media engagement, design enhancements, and trade marketing strategies to reinforce the brand's positioning and impact.
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