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qreactive schar packaging design corn flakes
Founded in 1981, Schar has become a global leader in producing high-quality gluten-free products. The company was initially a renowned brand in the gluten-free food industry, catering to individuals with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. Schär's product range includes such as bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, chips and more. They are dedicated to creating gluten-free alternatives that don't compromise on taste, texture, or quality. In addition to producing gluten-free foods, Schär also focuses on educating consumers about gluten-related issues.
Schär has joined Qreactive for the challenge of an international rebranding project aimed at revamping the global image of Dr. Schär. The goal of this project is to completely overhaul the global image of Dr. Schär and Bontà d'Italia lines, bringing unity to product design on a global scale.
We made changes to Dr. Schär's branding worldwide, using a plan that included how to market and design the brand. We came up with a good idea, "Gluten-free for everyone," to make the product more modern and appealing to more people beyond those who have gluten intolerance. We also changed the packaging to make it look more like gourmet food than medicine. We did the same with Schär Curvies chips, making them look more attractive to younger people. And we made Schär the Smilk snacks more exciting by creating stories and characters to show how good they are, which would appeal to anyone, young or old.
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An international re-branding project to relaunch the global image of Dr. Schär, Europe's leading gluten-free product manufacturer, based on a new concept: Gluten-free for everyone! A strategic redefinition of the brand and a vision that allows the coexistence of the Dr. Schär and Bontà d'Italia lines, unifying product design worldwide.
qreactive schar packaging design strategy
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qreactive schar packaging design before after
We made the product image more modern and appealing that would also appeal to consumers who are not gluten intolerant. The new packaging encapsulates the essential elements of the brand to which we added a sentimental component to bring them more and more toward an imagery that is no longer medical but related to a gourmet lifestyle.
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qreactive schar digestive choc pack
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Schär Curvies
The packaging of the Schär Curvies line focuses all the brand recognition. From the font to the choice of colors, the visual inputs of the packaging reinterpret the company's stylistic values to create a graphic style that can communicate with a young audience.
qreactive dr schar curvies packaging 3
qreactive dr schar curvies packagin 2
qreactive dr schar curvies packagin 1
qreactive dr schar curvies packaging

Schär The Smilk

With the Smilk line, the world of snacks becomes a fairy tale for all ages. Starting from this concept, we created a visual format to tell the quality of the product through fairy tales and fantastic characters.
qreactive schar the smilk pack
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