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Sammontana Trade App

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Sammontana is an esteemed Italian ice cream company founded in 1946. They are known for their high-quality gelato and frozen desserts, offering a wide range of flavors, including options for dietary restrictions. Sammontana is also committed to sustainability in production and packaging.
Sammontana had to call on Qreactive to find an innovative way to empower the company's sales team and optimize the selling process with an all-in-one and user-friendly solution.
We created an advanced Trade app to empower the sales team and optimize the selling process. The app shares real-time data, updates content, offers a comprehensive product catalog, and includes information cards on a user-friendly platform. Our distinct feature was the gamification element, giving the sales team the opportunity to win prizes by sharing strategically placed product photos, adding enjoyment to learning and engagement. Fully branded to align with the company's style and accessible across various platforms, it facilitates learning and makes it rewarding and enjoyable.

The Sammontana Trade App is designed to be the most up-to-date tool for tuning your sales force's efforts: real-time data, constant content updates, complete product catalog and cards, all in one place. Make your people Play and follow them from the office to the shelves: with the in-app game they win prizes on sharing photos of excellently-placed products. Learning is fun!

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qreactive sammontana animazione app2
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