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Rodolfi Mansueto

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Four generations of entrepreneurs have led our company, with a rich history dating back to a small laboratory in San Pancrazio. Over 125 years, we've processed over 250,000 tons of fresh tomatoes in our Ozzano Taro, Fontanini, and Castelguelfo facilities. We were pioneers in introducing tube-packaged tomato sauce and early adopters of organic practices. Research and development remain at our core, helping us stay closely aligned with customer needs.
A famous person named Rodolfi Mansueto has chosen a well-known marketing agency called Qreactive to help them with an important advertising campaign. They want to achieve two things with this campaign: celebrate their big 120th anniversary and make people aware of their new logo. Qreactive is good at making campaigns that are interesting and help people recognize the brand. So, it's a smart choice for Rodolfi Mansueto to work with them. The campaign will also focus on promoting a part of the brand called Ortolina, by using different kinds of marketing and trying to build stronger relationships with customers. Qreactive knows how to use different types of media to create good marketing campaigns. So, they will be able to help Rodolfi Mansueto achieve their goals.
We helped a company celebrate its 120th anniversary by redesigning their logo and creating a cartoon TV advertisement. The ad showed how fresh the ingredients were and how fun it is to have a vegetable garden. This theme of magic was in the slogan 'The Magic of the Kitchen Garden.' We made sure the ad was adaptable to show other products, so it could be shown again. We made a commercial for Ortolina KIDS to make eating vegetables sounds fun for kids. We also updated the company website, so it looked better and was easier to use. The website has information for business buyers and for customers too.

Ortolina Rodolfi

An advertising campaign with a dual objective: to promote the restyling of the logo for the company's 120th anniversary and the launch of Ortolina-branded products. The cartoon-style commercial tells of the genuine side of ingredients, showing vegetables from the garden being transformed into products in Mama's hands. A concept that gives Ortolina a magical side that then explodes in the new headline: 'The Magic of the Kitchen Garden.' The format is designed to open up to sequel episodes to launch other products in the range with the same communication line.
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Ortolina Kids Rodolfi

Keeping with the cartoon style, we created a commercial for the launch of the Ortolina Kids line. A fresh and fun concept that uses friendly language to speak to young children and tell them about the importance of vegetables.
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Rodolfi Website

We oversaw the restyling of the company's website to improve the brand's online presence. The project resulted in a corporate site that represented in a modern and original way a company with more than a century of history; a space full of information and insights told in an engaging and graphically appealing way, to speak both from a B2B perspective and to the end consumer.
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