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Rigoni di Asiago

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Rigoni di Asiago is an Italian company founded in 1927 that is known for its premium organic food products. It specializes in making organic fruit spreads such as its famous "Nocciolata," a spreadable chocolate and hazelnut cream, and "Fiordifrutta," a line of marmalades made entirely from 100% organic fruit. Additionally, the company offers organic honey under the brand "Mielbio." Rigoni di Asiago is dedicated to promoting sustainability, transparency in production processes, and providing natural, eco-conscious food choices to consumers all around the world.
Rigoni di Asiago selected Qreactive to design the packaging for their Crêpes Nocciolata product. The objective was to create an innovative and captivating design that could effectively communicate the product's premium quality and indulgent characteristics while staying true to their brand values.
After an in-depth design analysis, we identify the key design elements that would resonate with the target audience and convey the product's premium quality. Our design proposal not only drew attention to the product's enticing features but also reinforced Rigoni di Asiago's reputation as a producer of premium organic food products. The packaging successfully combined aesthetics with functionality, creating a visual identity that resonated with consumers and enticed them to explore the delicious world of Crêpes Nocciolata.
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Girella Motta

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