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Gelati Pepino 1884 is a historic gelato and pastry shop founded in Turin. This iconic establishment boasts over a century of serving delightful gelato, pastries, and sweets, making it a cherished part of Turin's culinary heritage. Their artisanal approach to crafting gelato involves using the finest ingredients and preserving traditional recipes and production methods, ensuring an authentic taste of Italian culinary history in every scoop.
Gelati Pepino 1884 teamed up with Qreactive to craft the perfect packaging for its Pepino Gelati BIO. A proposal focused on creating packaging that not only stood out but also distinguished itself in the world of ice cream packaging.
Our design and graphic strategy began to convey the essence of Turin's confectionery art for Pepino Gelati's packaging. To stand out the product, we envisioned a design that would not only tell the story of Turin's precious confectionery tradition but also set Pepino Gelati apart in the competitive ice cream market. One of the standout features of our design was the lettering, which drew inspiration from Art Nouveau-style travel posters of the early 1900s. In the end, our creative approach not only celebrated the legacy of Turin's confectionery art but also created a visually appealing and distinctive packaging that left a lasting impression on consumers.
In the world of ice cream making, it is essential to know how to stand out. So we designed packaging for Pepino Gelati that tells the story of the preciousness of Turin's confectionery art. The packaging features lettering that takes its cues from Art Nouveau-style travel posters of the early 1900s and a typeface that recalls the period when art nouveau emerged as a worldwide phenomenon.
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qreactive pepino sorbetti gamma


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