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Parma City Mag

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ParmaCity Mag is the monthly magazine that focuses on the main events in the city and throughout the province of Parma. The monthly magazine, associated with the Gazzetta di Parma, is now the precise guide, both online and offline, to discover all the appointments not to be missed.
The Gazzetta di Parma enlisted Qreactive's expertise to update the visual design of their magazine, ParmaCity Mag. The brief aimed to transform the magazine into a dynamic gateway to Parma's culture, food, and events, by incorporating digital elements and attracting a broader readership. The ultimate goal was to maintain the magazine's essence while improving its significance and reach in today's rapid-fire media industry.
In order to achieve the magazine's goals and captivate the target audience, we created a modern and captivating format for ParmaCity Mag that could cater to both the local community and tourists. We crafted a visual and graphic strategy that emphasized simplicity and engagement with an infographic format that not only made the magazine visually appealing but also served as an agenda-setting tool. This format allowed us to present information in a clear and concise manner, making it more accessible to readers.
Devise a modern and captivating format that can breathe life into a truly intelligent guide which is a reference for both the local community and tourists. Our responsibility was to define the magazine's concept and style, by presenting a flexible graphic format which can cater to different editorial requirements.
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A simple infographic format that adopts an agenda-setting can also engage a younger target audience and showcase the city from a new perspective.

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