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Sirea, founded in 1984 in Montecchio Emilia, is a company specializing in the production and distribution of licorice and barley products and semi-finished products for the bar-tobacco, retail, and industrial sectors. They are highly specialized in the production of pure and flavored licorice in various formats and flavors, ranging from traditional to innovative. They also produce roasted and ground barley in filter paper pods. Sirea is capable of meeting market demands and customer needs through continuous research and innovation in their production processes.
Sirea's collaboration with Qreactive aimed to rejuvenate Oronero's visual identity and market appeal. The brand asked for a refreshed logo and packaging to enhance brand recognition and effectively convey Oronero's premium positioning to consumers.
Our first task was to refresh the brand's logo. This step aimed to modernize the logo while preserving its core identity, making it more appealing to contemporary consumers. The new image was carefully crafted to enhance brand recognition and set Oronero apart in the market. To ensure consistency across the entire product range, we developed a cohesive graphic style designed to be associated with all Oronero products. For our packaging proposal, both paper and metal formats, we chose a color scheme of black and gold to convey a sense of luxury and premium quality. This strategic choice aligned perfectly with Oronero's positioning as a high-quality licorice brand.
A sleek new look for Oronero, the brand of pure licorice of the highest quality. After refreshing the logo and defining an identity to make the brand more recognizable, we developed a graphic style to be associated with the entire product range. We chose for the new packaging, both paper and metal, black and gold to convey the luxury and premium image that distinguishes the product.
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