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Officina Perfume

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Officina Parfum is the project of two entrepreneurs, Eleonora Calavalle and Davide Gherardi, who have come together to do business ethically. Officina Parfum was born in Parma, a city with a rich tradition in the field of perfumery. Over the years, it has continued to bring a selection of luxury fragrances and olfactory offerings to the niche market. These offerings cater to the needs of the most discerning, passionate, and globetrotting consumers.
Officina Parfum give to Qreactive with a special task: to create eight window signs for eight prestigious perfume brands. A communication project was exclusively dedicated to the most sophisticated and upscale stores, reflecting the essence of Officina Perfume.
We embarked on this creative journey by developing distinct materials for each brand, employing various graphic styles. The goal was to capture and convey the individual soul of each brand, accentuating their unique and recognizable styles. The resulting window signs were a harmonious blend of creativity, elegance, and brand identity, making them a compelling visual presence for the upscale stores they adorned.

Point of Sales Advertising

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