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Now My Place

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"Now My Place" is an online site that offers travel experiences on Lake Garda. You can book a wide range of themes for single persons, couples, and groups of people, featuring different fields of suggestions for kids and families, creatives, slow discovery, food pleasure, active sports, wellness, and self-growth. This project sets out to create what is missing by searching for what doesn't exist: a place made of dreams and substance, emotion and connection, sharing, and precious time to live.
Now My Place approached Qreactive with the task of creating its identity and seeking an innovative online platform for its service. Firstly based on its target audience, and the brand's unique selling points. The request was an online platform that facilitated the engagement and the way different kinds of customers will buy and book the complete range of more than 250 experiences this site will suggest.
Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, Qreactive conceptualized and crafted a state-of-the-art online platform. This platform was designed to be dynamic and user-friendly, ensuring an exceptional user experience. It offers a seamless interface for users to engage with the brand's services and content. Simultaneously, the logo was designed to encapsulate the brand's essence and values. In support of the new platform, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy, which included content planning, stories, and sponsored posts, all strongly oriented towards conversion and increased traffic.
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