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Magna Emilia

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qreactive magna emilia by qreactive coaster
Magnaparma offers a range of high-quality, typical Italian products with useful information on their origins and methods of production. We aim to make authentic Italian food easily accessible to you without distance barriers. Our large and well-equipped store ensures that our products are always available to customers, restaurants, and supermarkets. We take utmost care in preparing and packaging the ordered products to guarantee their integrity during transport. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we continually strive to improve our products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific requests or concerns.
Magna Emilia is a new food start-up from Parma that has teamed up with Qreactive to create a unique look for their food truck. The result is a beautiful brand that will catch people's attention right away. Magna Emilia's mobile kitchen offers a journey through the exciting world of the Food Valley where you can rediscover delicious flavors, memorable stories, and unique culinary traditions. Whether you love food or just want to explore, Magna Emilia's food truck is a fun adventure that will satisfy all of your senses and have you wanting more!
To build our proposal, we understood the importance of appealing to the right target audience, those who appreciate the fusion of street food and Food Valley recipes. Our creative team was involved in designing the brand image including the iconic truck used to participate in food shows and related events. By using a design which picks up on the cereal inside it, a logo which recalls the hand-made logos of farm shops, vivid but natural colours and the perfect combination of visual impact and clear communication, familiarity as well as originality, we have given it a modern and playful image closely focused on the consumer looking for healthy and natural products.
A project to build the image of Magna Emilia, telling the brand of cuisine on wheels as a journey to rediscover the sensations, stories and traditions of the Food Valley tradition.
qreactive magna emilia logo
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qreactive magna emilia menu
magna emilia by qreactive branding
qreactive magna emilia sacchetto
From the graphics to the menu to the iconic truck, we gave the Magna Emilia brand a youthful and friendly image that could convey all the passion for street food and Food Valley recipes.
qreactive magna emilia grembiule branding
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