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qreactive branding lormar naturale frizzante cover
Lormar is an Italian company specializing in lingerie since 1971. Over the years, Lormar has successfully combined our corsetry craftsmanship know-how with the creativity of new trends and the quality of our materials and production methods to create unique products under our brand. Lormar has gained worldwide acclaim for our garments known for their perfect fit and sensual lines. We continually diversify our offerings and have produced millions of garments beloved by women in over 20 countries.
Lormar tasked Qreactive to devise a strategy to elevate the brand's status, boost service momentum, and propose captivating in-store rotation ideas. The goal was to establish a memorable and clear narrative for Lormar, enhancing its brand perception and engaging customers in-store.
We helped Lormar simplify the way they talk about their products by creating a new concept. We wanted to make it easy for modern women to understand what Lormar offers. This made Lormar more attractive to customers who value quality and values. We changed the packaging to make it more appealing to women. We also redesigned the logo and packaging for the Lormar Sollievo line. We used a catchy phrase "Lo stile non ha taglie" and pictures to show the benefits of the product. This message was reinforced with a video that showed how comfortable and freeing the product is.

Lormar Naturale & Frizzante

In close partnership with Quantility, we created a concept for Lomar to unify and translate the continuous offering into a memorable identity to be told simply and clearly. A strategy to make the Lormar brand iconic, build momentum for service, and suggest inspiring ideas for in-store rotation.
qreactive branding lormar shooting naturale frizzante
qreactive lormar packaging 1
qreactive lormar packaging 3
A change of the line to reflect the different contexts and moods of the modern woman. Thus Lomar becomes a guarantee of superior quality, with a pay-off that expresses the brand's values and an increasingly aspirational pack communication that speaks clearly to the female universe. The result: an exponential increase in product placement during the sales campaign and unprecedented sell-in success.
qreactive branding lormar catalogo naturale frizzante
qreactive branding lormar naturale
qreactive branding lormar naturale frizzante cover
qreactive lormar packaging 3



qreactive branding lormar frizzante copia
qreactive lormar packaging 1
qreactive branding lormar espositore trade

Lormar Sollievo

We designed the new logo and packaging for the Sollievo line to shape the specific goal of the brand: make curvy women feel good about themselves.
qreactive branding lormar sollievo logo design 2
qreactive branding lormar sollievo logo design
qreactive branding lormar sollievo logo design 5
qreactive branding lormar sollievo packaging design 1
Through a new payoff and ad hoc graphics, we told the product's pluses. For the project, we also shoot a backstage video to show the line's sense of freedom and comfort.
qreactive branding lormar sollievo editorial
qreactive branding lormar sollievo editorial 1
qreactive branding lormar sollievo shooting2

Fortlan DiBi

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