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House of Tea

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Sirea, founded in 1984 in Montecchio Emilia, specializes in licorice production and has expanded to offer a range of confectionery products for impulse buying channels. The company serves various sectors, including Bar-tobacco, Retail, beverage, and the industrial segment, supplying semi-finished products and acting as a reliable co-packer. Sirea excels in meeting customer demands, producing licorice-based products and developing new items as needed. The company maintains strict control over all production stages, from selecting premium raw materials to market introduction.
Sirea utilized Qreactive's services to conceptualize the design and name of its forthcoming line of teas and herbal teas solely meant for hotels, restaurants, and bars. The product has a distinct design that demands strong recognition and can adapt to high-end environments.
Our creative approach began with a thorough design analysis, combined with a deep understanding of the product's unique selling points. To accomplish this, we created the name 'House of Tea' to connect the product with special moments of consumption. We designed packaging to ensure immediate recognition, drawing inspiration from the key ingredients. We divided each pack into two distinct parts. The first part featured the line's name, while the second part provided a detailed description of the recipe's unique characteristics and ingredients. This approach effectively conveyed the product's distinct attributes, establishing direct and engaging connections with the audience and capturing their attention.
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