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H+ Architettura

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In 2017, three pioneers, Edoardo Poleti, Carla Bottioni, and Veronica Catellani, came together after beginning their professional journeys in 2000. They made a collective decision to birth H+Architettura, a dynamic entity aimed at providing more integrated and organic solutions to clients. Since then, H+Architettura has experienced steady growth, currently thriving with a team of six individuals. Their unwavering passion and commitment to growth, along with budding architects and engineers, drives their shared journey.
H+Architettura commissioned Qreactive to design a brand identity that truly represents its character starting with a new name and impactful logo. In addition, the company needed a new digital image, including a website that showcases its modern and sleek style.
We created a strong identity for H+Architettura by understanding their character and establishing a brand strategy and visual direction. We chose a modern and sleek name and designed a logo that symbolized their contemporary vision. Our minimalistic website design showcases their projects and services while defining their online presence. We also developed the website where the studio can now publish their project gallery and a complete set of case histories.
qreactive hpiuarchitettura branding corporate
qreactive hpiuarchitettura branding visual
qreactive hpiuarchitetura digital website responsive
qreactive hpiuarchitettura branding logo


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