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Bontal, a highly successful company in the distribution and production of products for bars and restaurants, is leveraging its extensive know-how by launching its very first self-operated bar. This exciting new venture, championed by its founder, aims to bring the brand closer to the end consumer by creating a space entirely dedicated to the art of experience.
Greengage, a popular coffee shop in Parma wanted to create a space that can cater to all types of customers. They needed a design that would work whether customers come in for a quick cup of coffee, to sit and relax, or grab a drink to-go. To achieve this, they partnered with Qreactive, a consultant that helped give the coffee shop an updated look and feel that matches their modern approach to coffee culture.
Our approach to restyling Greengage began with gaining profound insights into the specific target audience. The result is a meticulously designed space that effectively communicates Greengage's unique strengths. Our project constructs an emotional journey that deeply connects with the public through straightforward and relatable language. Our primary goal was to establish Greengage as a place where the target audience could genuinely resonate with the brand's values.
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qreactive greengage insegna
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