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GrandVision is a global leader in the optical retail industry, known for its extensive network of optical stores and a wide range of eyewear products and services. The company offers a wide range of eyewear products and services through its extensive network of stores. With its commitment to eye health and customer satisfaction, the company plays a significant role in helping people worldwide achieve better vision and eye care.
GrandVision recognized the need to ensure that its extensive network of employees, stakeholders, and partners remained well-informed and updated on a wide range of topics. For this reason, they asked Qreactive to create a solution to store training material in a place where it could be shared and translated to cater to different regions and languages.
We started from scratch, designing and developing online learning and training modules tailored to GrandVision's specific needs. Each one encompassed a wide range of topics, ensuring that the content was accessible and relevant to employees across the globe. Interactive elements, such as quizzes and multimedia content, were incorporated to enhance engagement and retention. The platform allowed sales assistants, from regional managers, to access the training material according to their roles and responsibilities.
A leading retailer in the Eyewear sector, Grandvision is an international company with a store presence in over 40 countries. As part of its dedicated mission to ensure that all employees, stakeholders and partners are kept up-to-date on everything from compliance to the launches of new collections, Grandvision makes available a library of online learning & training modules, translated and localised, to provide interactive content which best prepares everyone, from Sales Assistants to Regional Managers.
Our work with Grandvision encompassed creating and designing modules from the ground up: from compiling quizzes to test users, artwork and photography, to summarising in simple and straightforward paragraphs information on a range of activities, Qreactive has continued to meet the demands of producing online training modules based on our clients’ needs.
The range of topics is wide: sales, optometry, eye-health, matching frames to face shapes, how to maximise efficiency in stores and staff training. All of this crafted with interactive content, video and easy to reference text, and, most importantly, compliant with Learning Management Systems (LMS) which can track users’ progress and test completion.


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