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Girella Motta

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Girella Motta is a beloved Italian pastry created by Motta in the 1960s. It consists of a rolled sponge cake filled with creamy chocolate or hazelnut filling and coated with a layer of chocolate. This iconic treat has stood the test of time, offering a delightful combination of textures and flavors. It remains a cherished dessert enjoyed by people of all ages and represents the sweet pleasures of Italy.
Motta wanted Qreactive to revamp their packaging with a design that reflected their cocoa-based treats. We analyzed the brand's history and product to create an eye-catching design that captured the essence of Motta's uniqueness. The headline, "Un vortice di cacao unico e irresistibile!" (A unique and irresistible cocoa whirl!), anchored the design. Later, Motta challenged Qreactive to introduce a new product with a hazelnut-crusted chocolate top.
We delved into Girella Motta's brand strategy, crafting an eye-catching design that encapsulated the essence of their uniqueness. We also developed a clever headline: "Un vortice di cacao unico e irresistibile!". To effectively convey the main feature of the new Girella, the crunchy hazelnut granules on the chocolate top, we coined the name "Granella." Our design showcased the product, but also maintained a strong connection with the Girella Motta brand, highlighting its distinctiveness.
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Qreactive Motta Girella Granella logo sfondo cop
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Qreactive Motta Girella packaging granellarossa
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