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Gazzetta di Parma

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The Gazzetta di Parma is a versatile and flexible newspaper that offers local and national news. The newspaper has a strong presence in both print and digital formats. It has a solid market share at newsstands and offers innovative subscription options. Its website provides real-time news updates, videos, and in-depth articles. The newspaper also offers various digital services and an app for easy access on smartphones and tablets.
La Gazzetta di Parma si è avvalsa dell'esperienza di Qreactive per rinnovare il design editoriale del suo quotidiano senza perderne l'eredità, in modo innovativo. L'obiettivo era proporre un nuovo restyling editoriale che non solo infondesse nuova vita all'aspetto del giornale, ma migliorasse anche la visibilità dei contenuti ottimizzando l'allocazione degli spazi.
Our connection with the city of Parma, helped us to approach the challenge of Gazzetta di Parma to find an innovative editorial design with a strategic visual and graphic process. Our solution involved introducing a new formatting approach, utilizing distinct color shades for each insert. This innovative design not only breathed fresh life into the newspaper's appearance but also significantly improved content visibility through an optimized space allocation strategy. Additionally, we selected the Bodoni font to establish a visual link with the city's tradition and the newspaper's heritage.
In order to enhance the legacy in an innovative way, the new editorial design of the newspaper Gazzetta di Parma had to be challenged. The solution was a new formatting with different color shades for each insert, which emphasized the content more effectively than before through a redistribution of space. The choice of the Bodoni font also creates a link with the tradition of the city and the newspaper.
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