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Fortlan DiBi

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Fortlan Dibi Spa: Innovative Thermal-Acoustic Insulation Established in 2010 through the merger of two industry leaders, Fortlan-Dibi Spa offers cutting-edge thermal and acoustic insulation solutions. We continuously update our offerings to meet evolving market demands. Our product range includes nanotechnology-based insulation solutions capable of withstanding temperatures from -200°C to +1260°C. We prioritize eco-friendliness and compliance with the latest European regulations. Located in Bibbiano, Reggio Emilia, we provide insulation solutions for walls, roofs, floors, pipes, and chimneys. Contact us for details.
Fortlan Dibi captivates Qreactive in developing a comprehensive 360-degree communication project. The project aimed to renew the company's image, starting with a logo redesign. Additionally, the project encompassed the creation of catalogs tailored for salespeople and the company profile. All these elements were tied together through a compelling storytelling approach that placed people at the heart of the narrative. The objective was to communicate the company's commitment to quality and excellence through human-centered storytelling.
To kickstart our process, we formulated a communication strategy centered on a fresh tone of voice. We anchored our approach on the central theme of people, believing that the best way to tell Fortlan Dibi's story was through the eyes of its employees, highlighting their expertise and dedication. This human-centric storytelling served as the cornerstone for our revamped company profile. Subsequently, we worked on a logo redesign, infusing it with a contemporary and modern aesthetic. Additionally, we created an immersive display - the "Save Your Energy" stand - exclusively fashioned from sales materials. This innovative approach catapulted Fortlan Dibi into the spotlight at the KlimaHouse 2019 trade show, leaving a lasting impression.
The rebranding strategy for Fortlan DiBi, a leading thermo-acoustic insulation company, is a 360-degree communication project. From restyling the logo to defining a tone of voice to creating catalogs for salespeople, all connected by storytelling that tells the quality of the company by putting people at the center.
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For the company, we designed the Save Your Energy stand: a unique display experience created for the KlimaHouse 2019 trade show entirely built with sales materials. In addition, we were responsible for the restyling of the company's website.
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