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Rooted in a land of culinary traditions, where treasures like Culatello, Parmigiano, and Prosciutto abound, Foodlab is a testament to a lifelong love for fine food. Foodlab was born in 2000 in the heart of the Parma Food Valley when three siblings – Gianpaolo, Francesco, and Elisabetta Ghilardotti – successfully turned their passion for cooking into a company specialized in importing, processing, and distributing smoked, marinated, and flavored salmon throughout the country.
Foodlab asked for help from Qreactive to change their logo. The goal was to ensure that the new logo properly represented the company's values and could be used across all corporate tools. The new identity must reflect Foodlab's dedication to producing high-quality food that meets their customers' expectations.
To design the new Foodlab logo, we initially conducted a thorough examination of the brand identity to encapsulate its essence and core values in the new design. The result of this creative process is a logo that incorporates lines and shapes to create an image that connects the brand's essence with the natural environment. After gaining approval for the logo design, we applied this new style to all of Foodlab's branding materials and tools. This step ensured a consistent and engaging brand image across all aspects of their communication.


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