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Emiliana Gourmet

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In 1960, a quaint Emilian village witnessed the birth of Emiliana Gourmet, where the aroma of artisanal pasta filled the air. By 1988, it had evolved into a culinary powerhouse, deeply rooted in tradition, gaining fame for its fresh pasta. Fast forward to 2021, led by entrepreneur Giovanni Ronconi, the company embracing the future with passion and innovation, to take you on a journey with our delicious creations, transcending borders and sharing our love for pasta.
Emiliana Gourmet partnered with Qreactive to embark on a creative journey aimed at revitalizing its online presence and strengthening its brand identity through visually appealing and user-friendly websites. The project aimed to highlight the brand's deep ties to traditional Italian cuisine, showcasing the exceptional quality and naturalness of its ingredients in the context of diverse modern lifestyles. Subsequently, Emiliana Gourmet enlisted Qreactive to develop a TV advertising campaign for its rebranded name, transitioning from "Reggiana '' to "Emiliana Gourmet.
We began by designing a user-friendly website that prominently highlights the brand's commitment to tradition and innovation. The site features "Caravaggesque" inspired photos that emphasize the connection between pasta and its ingredients while conveying authenticity and flavor. We also integrated e-commerce for a smooth online shopping experience. Additionally, we managed the production of a TV commercial to celebrate the brand's transition from "Reggiana" to "Emiliana Gourmet," effectively conveying their mission: "Preserve the Past, Savor the Future.
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Magna Emilia

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