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Doria Semplicissimi

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Doria Senza Glutine is a specialized product line offered by Doria for individuals who follow a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. A variety of gluten-free biscuits, pasta, bread, and snacks that cater to the dietary needs of those with gluten intolerance. Doria takes great care to ensure that these gluten-free products maintain the same level of taste and quality that the brand is known for. They use gluten-free ingredients and adhere to strict manufacturing processes to prevent cross-contamination.
Doria is looking for a new style to revitalize the packaging for its "Semplicissimi '' product lines, split in sweet, snack, and cracker varieties. The objective was to create a fresh, modern look that effectively communicated the balance of taste and wellness that these products offered.
In response to the challenge, we developed a refreshed logo design for "Semplicissimi," capturing the essence of balance between taste and wellness as our primary focus. This successful concept played a pivotal role in redesigning the packaging for the entire "Semplicissimi" product line, effectively conveying their unique selling proposition. In particular, for the Doria Semplicissimi Dolce line, we adopted a style similar to the cracker line but tailored it to the specific characteristics of shortbread products. The new graphics bring the product closer to the home dimension, emphasizing genuineness and high-quality ingredients.
The restyling of the "Semplicissimi" packaging, starting with the logo, focused on communicating the product's balance of taste and wellness. High visibility on the pack to the short ingredient list, so simple for the consumer to decode that it brings the product close to the dimension of home-made products.
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Doria Semplicissimi Dolce

Following the style of the cracker line, we developed graphics for the shortbread line. The new visual brings the product closer to the home dimension, enhancing the genuineness and ingredients of the product. A greedier and easier to decode image that brings the shortbread and the flavors of the range to the forefront.
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Doria Bucaneve

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