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Doria Bucaneve

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qreactive doria bucaneve design orizzontale3
Doria is a renowned Italian food company founded in 1948, celebrated for its high-quality baked goods and snacks. They offer a diverse range of products, including cookies, biscuits, and crackers, all made with premium ingredients. While deeply rooted in tradition, Doria also embraces innovation to cater to modern tastes. Their global presence ensures that authentic Italian flavors can be enjoyed worldwide.
Doria engaged Qreactive’s team to work on the strategic goal of extending its renowned Bucaneve biscuit line. The brand is looking for a fresh design for the range that could stand out effectively in a highly competitive and growing market. Additionally, they sought a distinctive unique Selling proposition to set their product apart.
We won the pitch with a comprehensive visual analysis, identifying key elements that resonated with the classic Bucaneve, while recognizing areas where innovation could occur. This approach effectively communicated the unique attributes of the extended line, ensuring it can compete effectively in the demanding marketplace. To set the extended line apart, we identified a strong and distinctive unique selling proposition, focused on the balance between gluttony and authenticity. By emphasizing the genuineness of ingredients, we created a "gluttony" factor that is directly related to the product's core characteristics.

A strategic study to extend the Snowdrop range by proposing a Stuffed Snowdrop, while identifying a strong and distinctive USP that can compete in a very competitive and growing market.

qreactive doria bucaneve design orizzontale2
qreactive doria bucaneve design orizzontale

The new packaging preserves the visual and emotional characteristics of the classic Snowdrop, while adding new elements that communicate its specific characteristics. From simplicity to balanced gluttony, keeping the authenticity and genuineness factor intact and adding a coefficient of "gluttony" related to the ingredients.

Qreactive Doria Bucaneve maxigocce ambientata
Qreactive Doria Senza Glutine grissini ambient gamma