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Del Monte Hotellerie

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Del Monte is a well-established food company known for its quality canned fruits and vegetables. They offer a wide range of products, focus on freshness and nutrition, and have a global presence. Del Monte is recognized for its iconic sun-ripened pineapple logo and commitment to providing wholesome food options.
Del Monte and Qreactive are working together to promote their Hotellerie range, which includes two product lines: Farciture and Jam. They want to highlight the quality and freshness of their breakfast options to hotel patrons around the world with a unique and creative approach. Their partnership promises to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to elevate breakfasting to a whole new level.
We made a special design for Del Monte's breakfast stuff to make them all look the same and belong together. The idea was to show that Del Monte fruits are really good, and the breakfasts they make are always tasty. We wanted to make the products look familiar and easy to spot in hotels, so people would recognize them and want to buy them. This helped Del Monte sell more breakfast stuff than other companies, which made them successful.


Experience the impeccable quality of Del Monte.
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A brand new line of tasty Del Monte jams, in convenient single-serving portions, with all the flavor of fruit. A line dedicated to the world of hotel breakfast, to enrich the buffet with a varied offering of the highest quality products.
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The packaging of Del Monte's jams is designed by playing with the colors of the fruit in a rainbow of packaging with sparkling tones that immediately captures the consumer's attention.
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