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Cottini Vini

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In 1925, Carlo Cottini started an agricultural venture focused on grape and fruit cultivation. In the 1950s, his son Raffaello dedicated the family's efforts to viticulture. Diego, Raffaello's son, continued the tradition, expanding vineyards, creating innovative wines, and preserving historic ones. Today, the Cottini family, including Diego, his wife Annalberta, and their sons Michele and Mattia, passionately carries on this legacy.
Cottini Vini finds in Qreactive a perfect partner to work with to create a digital dedicated website for its associated, the historic Palazzo Maffei estate. Additionally, the collaboration led to a restyling of the La Sogara website, which represents another prominent brand under the Cottini Vini umbrella, known for its Valpolicella wines.
We helped Cottini Vini by creating a plan for their digital marketing. We used SEO techniques to help their wine brands be more visible online. To start, we figured out which audience each brand should target. Then we designed a new website for Palazzo Maffei to show their traditions, how they support the environment, and their quest for excellence. For La Sogara, we updated their website with a modern design that tells their story of being a family-owned business for four generations. We also showed how they are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and their connection to the local region.

Palazzo Maffei Website

A project to bring to digital the elegance and exclusivity of the wine brand of the ancient Palazzo Maffei estate. Thus was born a modern and linear site that communicates the tradition, the link with the territory, the respect for nature and the constant search for excellence that characterizes the brand.
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La Sogara Website

We oversaw the restyling of the website of La Sogara, a Valpolicella wine brand. Through modern and impactful graphics, we told the world about La Sogara: the link with the territory, the attention to eco-sustainability, and the history of a company that has been handed down for four generations.
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