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From emotions springs the energy that moves everything, shaping Coffindustry's idea of a superior coffee perfect for every moment and every person. They carefully select top-quality beans, roast them naturally, and let them rest to develop unique flavors. A complete set of sustainable practices extend from recyclable packaging to responsible partnerships. By an online e-commerce website customers can choose and customize monthly subscriptions and have the opportunity to create different deliveries mixes based on their coffee needs.
Coffindustry approached Qreactive with a bold vision: to establish a brand identity that would make a strong entry into the coffee market. Their aim was to create a cohesive identity, from the brand name to the logo and packaging design that would set the brand apart from its competitors.
Our collaboration with Coffindustry began with an in-depth exploration of brand strategy and positioning. We carefully selected a name and designed a logo that captured the essence of the brand. We then created a unique visual identity that reflected Coffindustry's commitment to quality and coffee exploration. We focused on creating visually striking packaging for the five coffee references. Each package tells a story, evoke emotions, and communicate the essence of the coffee inside. The central concept of "Universe of coffee" was chosen as the guiding theme. This concept aimed to convey that each coffee from Coffindustry is a universe of flavors and experiences waiting to be explored.
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