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Cibus Tec is a leading exhibition for food and beverage technologies, known for showcasing innovations and trends. Located in Parma, the Italian Food and FoodTec Valley, it blends a deep passion for quality food with cutting-edge technologies. Originating from the historic Tecnoconserve exhibition in 1939, Cibus Tec has become a leader in vegetable, fruit, dairy, and derivative processing and packaging. Recent collaborations and a decade of innovation have solidified its position in the international market. Organized by Koeln Parma Exhibitions, a partnership between Fiere di Parma S.p.A. and Koelnmesse GmbH.
Cibus Tec collaborated with Qreactive to develop a creative approach aimed at rebranding the event as an innovation hub, a catalyst for novel ideas, and a source of inspiration for advancements in food processing technologies and equipment. The objective was to explore a fresh perspective that aligns with its pioneering role in the food and beverage industry.
For the event, we created a concept aimed at presenting the event as a hub of innovation, a promoter of fresh ideas, and an inspiration for food processing technologies. Our approach included crafting a unique graphic concept that would visually capture the essence of a multi-exhibition, multi-phase event in a distinctive manner. This concept served as a visual manifesto and was seamlessly integrated into all communication tools during the expo, including press materials, posters, and expo booths at trade shows and exhibitions.
A fresh point of view that would represent Cibus Tec as the event that provides innovation, promotes new ideas, and inspires new technologies and equipment for food processing. The graphic concept aims to convey a visual impact that can present the features of a multi-exhibition, multi-phase event in a different way.
qreactive cibustec2019 branding
qreactive cibustec2019 branding billboard
qreactive cibustec2019 branding expo
qreactive cibustec2019 branding visual tomato
Qreactive ADV FIere di Parma Cibus TEC 2019 visual
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qreactive cibustec immcoordinata2
Qreactive ADV FIere di Parma Cibus TEC 2019 Highway Poster
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