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Cibus is a great Food Exhibition that is not like other conferences. It is from Italy and is a big deal for companies that make real Italian food. Lots of different companies can meet important people like distributors and importers from all over the world there. Cibus has really clever and interesting food ideas. If you love Italian food, this is the perfect place for you. Whether you work in food, know a lot about it or just like eating it, Cibus is the best place for you to meet other people who also love Italian food and find out about new things in Italian food.
Cibus enlisted Qreactive's assistance in conceptualizing an idea for Cibus 2018, emphasizing the event's profound connection with the Italian territory. This creative concept was subsequently transformed into various outputs to bolster the entire event.
Starting from our headline "Welcome to Foodland!”, our strategy aimed celebrate Food Valley’s rich culinary heritage and cultural diversity, turning the event into a captivating journey through the country's food landscape. To bring this concept to life, we created campaign visuals and related materials that visually echoed the fair's iconic logo. These visuals aimed to create a world of passions, traditions, and experiences, aligning perfectly with the event's essence.
The project for Cibus 2018 gave space to the event's connection with the Italian territory. The campaign visual and related material that we created visually echo the image of the fair's iconic logo to create a world of passions, traditions and experiences.


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