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Casa Toschi

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Toschi Vignola is an Italian company renowned for its excellence in producing high-quality food and beverage products, especially for Amarena Toschi, fruit-based syrups, and traditional regional liqueurs such as Nocino, as well as liqueurs for desserts. The brand is also well-known in the bar/restaurant and gelato industries for its toppings, syrup-soaked fruits, and, particularly, Amarene and Vignola cherries.
Qreactive was hired to create "Casa Toschi", a multifaceted exhibition space in Vignola, Emilia Romagna. The goal was to create an immersive experience showcasing the history of the Toschi brand and to allow visitors to connect with the birthplace of Toschi products.
Qreactive designed "Casa Toschi" with a focus on the brand's heritage and commitment to quality. The space includes a store, kitchen, and conference room, showcasing Toschi Vignola's legacy and products. "Casa Toschi" allows consumers and professionals to engage with the brand's story and products while being immersed in the place where it all began.
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