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Blancheide's story starts in Grasse, the global perfume capital, known for its flower cultivation and perfumery since the 16th century. Blancheide's fragrances are exclusive due to their precious ingredients and sophisticated, Italian-designed capsules. The geometric, attention-grabbing shape showcases Rubis's architectural influence. The bottle's feminine silhouette, transparent allure, and elegant cap resemble a throne. It reflects the perfume's essence through color and design, delivering a promise of sophistication and allure.
To meet Blancheide's need for a new logo and packaging style, Qreactive designed a solution that added a contemporary flair to the brand's elegance while preserving its sophistication. They introduced a unique style featuring a palette of pastel colors, with each fragrance represented by a distinct hue for visibility and distinction. This revitalized Blancheide, aligning it with modern design trends while maintaining its timeless charm.
To give Blancheide a distinctive style while maintaining its elegance, we proposed an impactful styling idea centered around a palette of pastel colors. Each fragrance was assigned a unique pastel hue, making them visible, distinguishable, and utterly unique. To further convey the brand's chic and modern spirit, we collaborated with an international photography artist to create visual storytelling that effectively communicated Blancheide's new brand image, highlighting its transformation into a symbol of timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.
Restyling the logo and packaging Blancheide creates a distinctive style that maintains the brand's elegance, giving it a sophisticated look while bringing the brand closer to the contemporary design scene.
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The new packaging showcases the chic and modern spirit of Blancheide. A palette of pastel colours to make each fragrance visible, distinguishable and unique. Through collaboration with an international photography artist, we built a special set to create incredibly elegant shots for the website to convey the new brand image.
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