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Bistefani is an Italian historical company bakery known for its traditional pastries and high-quality baked goods. Established in 1878 in Verona, Italy, it combines time-honored recipes with modern production techniques. Bistefani offers a diverse range of threats, including cantuccini, amaretti, panettone, and obviously the iconic Krumiri. Their commitment to quality and authentic Italian flavors has earned them a global following.
Bistefani enlisted Qreactive to rejuvenate the Bistefani range, including Krumiri and patisserie biscuits, while preserving its Italian heritage. The goal was to appeal to modern consumers while honoring the Italian bakery legacy. Additionally, the client aimed to enter the bakery market by launching its Pan au Chocolat and Croissants, creating a comprehensive line that reflected the quality and deliciousness of the Bistefani tradition.
To restyle Krumiri Bistefani, we merged brand strategy and visual elements to craft a contemporary Italian image. Our packaging redesign highlighted the product's iconic shape with bold colors and lighting. For the patisserie line, we introduced French-inspired names: Folì, Nuovo, and Delì. The visual used vibrant red, yellow, and gold colors to capture attention and convey sophistication. To launch Pan au Chocolat and Croissants, we aligned with Bistefani's new visual style, bringing tradition into everyday life successfully.
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