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Formec Biffi is a leading food industry company that produces sauces under the brand Biffi. They started with mayonnaise when ready-made foods were still rare in Italy. Dr. Pietro Casella founded the company and bet on the evolution of the retail industry and new consumer habits. The company's success is based on continuous investment in research, anticipating market needs, and focusing on advanced segments. Formec Biffi values an ethical corporate culture and invests in quality work environments.
Biffi approached Qreactive, a creative advertising agency, with a request to develop an idea for an upcoming advertising campaign. The campaign was primarily planned for TV and radio, with a need for a coordinated social media strategy to follow.
Our agency won the pitch with their headline concept: "Biffi, che sugo!" Our proposal effectively conveyed the quality and tastiness of Biffi's products to a wide audience. The concept had a lasting impact, appearing on all of Biffi's product packaging and being used in advertising campaigns across various media. This approach created a consistent brand message across all their offerings, becoming an enduring part of Biffi's brand identity.
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qreactive biffi affissione pesto
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