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BC Gourmet

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qreactive patamore gnocco rigato fronte packaging
Buona Compagnia Gourmet is an Italian company known for crafting premium gourmet food products rooted in Italian culinary tradition. Their range includes artisanal pasta, sauces, and condiments, all characterized by quality and authenticity. In their Treviso facility, they use steam-cooked potatoes for gnocchi and mashed potatoes, preserving their authentic taste. In Savona, they create traditional Ligurian pesto with DOP basil and other top-quality sauces and condiments.
Buona Compagnia Gourmet sought Qreactive's expertise to draw the image of their main products: Patamore, Pestamore, and Cauliflower. The brand needs a brand architecture that provided each product line with a distinct identity and a unique positioning, ensuring they stood out prominently on the shelf.
Qreactive helped Buona Compagnia Gourmet update their popular products (Patamore, Pestamore, and Cauliflower) by giving them a brand overhaul. They created a communication plan specifically for the Italian market that focused on the authenticity of the products. To promote Patamore, they made a TV commercial showcasing the high-quality potatoes used in the product. For Pestamore, they designed glass packaging that was inspired by the Ligurian Riviera's typical houses. They also updated the packaging design for Cauliflower under the Sauces'n Love line, to make sure it aligned with the brand's image and communicated the unique qualities of the product. Overall, Qreactive aimed to make Buona Compagnia Gourmet's products more visible and appealing in the market and ensured coordination within each product line.


A new image to make the brand's key products stand out, creating a brand architecture that presents a clear identity and unique positioning for each line. The result is a distinctly more modern and gourmet image, while keeping in touch with tradition.
qreactive patamore logo su bianco
qreactive patamore logo
qreactive bcgourmet patamore packaging design gnocchi
qreactive-bcgourmet-patamore packaging design gnocco rigato family
qreactive bcgourmet patamore viola
From logo to packaging to TV commercial. A 360° communication project for the Italian market highlighting the authenticity of BC Gourmet brand products.
qreactive bcgourmet patamore branding strategy


All the taste of Liguria, outside and inside the jar! A strong reminder of the territory that immediately places this sauce in its region of origin, conveying the genuineness and authenticity of the product.
qreactive patamore logo su bianco
qreactive bcgourmet pestamore logo
qreactive pestamore vasetto 02
qreactive pestamore vasetto 01
A glass packaging that is charged with the values and colors of Italianness, reproducing the shapes of the typical houses of the Ligurian Riviera.
qreactive bcgourmet pesto basilico foto 02
qreactive bcgourmet pestamore packaging design strategy


New packaging for Cauliflower products of Sauces'n Love line. The new graphics, in style with the brand image, highlight the ingredients and nutritional values.
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower logo
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower pack2
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower pack1 gamma
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower1
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower2
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower3
qreactive bcgourmet cauliflower4

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