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Bauli USA

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Bauli S.p.A. is an Italian food company specializing in baked goods such as pandoro, panettone, colomba, and croissants. It was founded in Verona in 1922 by pastry chef Ruggero Bauli. Among the leading industrial players in the sector, its headquarters are located in Castel d'Azzano (VR). Bauli has a significant market share in "celebration-holiday" products, while also leading in breakfast croissants, sweet snacks, and bakery products. The group offers 170 types of products and 697 references in the baked goods market while owning other famous Italian brands such as Motta, Doria, Alemagna, and Bistefani.
The Q&Q Group, a joint venture between Qreactive and QNY Creative, was hired to create, manage, and activate the Bauli Internationalization Project for the three-year marketing plan from 2013 to 2016. The global marketing experience involved a business plan to support the US branch, with all activities conceived to support the sell-in and sell-out phases.
The strategy was implemented starting with packaging design localization, then supporting the sales force with materials, events, trade shows, and social media activities. The plan was followed by desk research, focus groups, and PR and digital PR. The goal was to create an immersive experience showcasing the history of the Bauli brand to stakeholders, retailers, and media. The complete execution plan was developed in a four-year marketing plan in which the brand achieved several results regarding consumer market awareness, including presence in famous TV shows and magazines. The strategy was also based on show cooking events and social media strategies, using two of the most visible Italian chefs in the US, Fabio Viviani and Luca Manfé. Michele Bauli, the company owner, was directly involved in a series of interviews and TV news starting from USA Today.
A branding and strategy project aims to bring all the quality and know-how of the Bauli brand beyond the borders of the Italian market. The project includes revisiting key concepts and building a tailor-made marketing strategy to create a communication system that meets the needs of the North American public.
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Chefs Fabio Viviani and Luca Manfé are now Bauli's brand ambassadors. They have promoted the brand's product range through cooking programs, events, and social media. The campaign emphasizes Bauli's unique selling point as an authentic Italian brand. The media strategy employed by Bauli has helped introduce their products to the target audience across various categories.
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