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Bauli Senza Glutine

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Bauli S.p.A. is an Italian food company specializing in baked goods such as pandoro, panettone, colomba, and croissants. It was founded in Verona in 1922 by pastry chef Ruggero Bauli. Among the leading industrial players in the sector, its headquarters are located in Castel d'Azzano (VR). Bauli has a significant market share in "celebration-holiday" products, while also leading in breakfast croissants, sweet snacks, and bakery products. The group offers 170 types of products and 697 references in the baked goods market while owning other famous Italian brands such as Motta, Doria, Alemagna, and Bistefani.
Bauli, in order to find an idea to successfully launch their new line of gluten-free products into the Pharmaceutical, Para-pharmaceutical, and Specialty Stores Channel, join the specific experience of Qreactive team. The goal was to introduce the goodness and experience of the trusted Bauli brand into the gluten-free market segment.
We rose to the occasion with a strategic proposal that devised a design concept for the logo and the graphics, maintaining the brand guidelines. Our approach aimed to give the new line a highly recognizable and clear identity for the target audience. By incorporating the familiar Bauli branding elements and making "Gluten Free" a central and visible feature of the packaging design, we ensured that consumers would immediately associate the new gluten-free products with the trusted, the credibility and the well-established Bauli brand.

A project that supports the goodness and experience of the Bauli brand in conquering the gluten-free products market for the Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical and Specialty Stores Channel. A new style dedicated to breakfast products, festive and dessert preparations, creating ad hoc graphics with distinguishable and easily recognizable elements.

Starting with the logo, we built the new graphics for the packaging of the entire line, maintaining the brand guidelines in the design. The classic Bauli coloring is combined with the wording "Gluten Free" to give the line a recognizable and clear identikit for the public. In addition, we created appetizing shots of the products to show the target audience the characteristic quality and gluttony of the Bauli brand.

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Bauli USA

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