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Branding U.S. at Cibus 2018

BRANDING U.S. is a workshop dedicated to export marketing, sales management and businessmen who want to introduce branded products in North America.
After the success of the first edition, this year’s appointment will be dedicated to deepen the dynamics, tools and actors involved in sell-out activities on the consumer in the American market.

Why your brand should do in store promotions
Because your brand needs business at the point of sale
How to prepare a proper in-store promotion activity in the US. Analysis of the decision-making process of the consumer and of the channels in which it meets the brand. Strategies to accelerate sales and promote the rotation of in-store products and the various logics between American chains. The role of digital marketing and the advent of coupon apps.

Identification of key points
The phases that go from the idea of the strategy to the organization and implementation of the promotional campaign according to the US retail logic. Analysis of the most correct promotional mechanics given business, target and plus of the brand.

Players involved in an in-store campaign
Role and duties of marketing agencies and in-house chains agencies. Definition of tools for dialoguing with buyers and proposing the inclusion of the product associated with promotional activities. Organization of PR and digital PR, events and adv, in a word “omnichannel”.


We are waiting for you again this year with many new insights!
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