Qreactive is your solution provider no matter the scope of your project, domestic or abroad.


Qreactive is a creative, strategic marketing agency that develops integrated communication solutions. We work with you to improve your brand identity enhancing what makes you unique and contributing to the development of a solid and long-lasting relationship with your target audience. To meet the challenges, we constantly face and in order to come up with instant innovative solutions, we establish a close working relationship with you.

THE STUDIO Where our ideas take shape

Our Head Office in Parma is arranged over two floors of open-plan spaces where we work side by side between meetings, calls, and photo shoots. We never stop, just like the world around us.
Our studio has a fully-equipped versatile shooting space which enables us to recreate various settings and environments. Thanks to our own cooking facilities and the collaboration with Chef and Food Stylist we can market any product with cooking shows, video recipes, and stop-motion techniques.
We believe that an effective marketing project requires great attention to detail. Hence, we produce all the photographic material ourselves to ensure that we achieve high quality visual content that captures your brand.

Two teams for your international campaigns

The group consists of two agencies, one based in Italy and one in New York, that deliver campaigns through the best marketing channels for your brand: Q&Q Group was born out of Qreactive Italy and QNY Creative, and is the leading creative and strategic marketing agency whose objective is to provide specific services to support International Marketing campaigns.
Based in the centre of Manhattan, we have been supporting European clients since 2007, in positioning their products and services in the US market, through re-branding, trade marketing and connecting with the consumer.

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