Qreactive has more than 10 years of crafting branding strategies. Our target markets are food and luxury, retail and consumer goods.

We do design and communication plans, content creation and phygital experiences for international brands.

Qreactive helps its clients identify, design, implement and optimize meaningful programs and engagement platforms throughout the customer journey. We start from the Brand Core Strategy – Positioning, Identity, Product Design and Packaging – setting all the visual elements and the tone of voice of a business proposal. We create projects for Websites and Mobile Apps, managing events and promotions, planning advertising and social media campaigns. Our approach performs throughout all the media channels. We help clients to engage with the target at just the right moments using all the strength and emotional interactivity that people need to live positive experiences with the Brand. We’re a global framework. As founder and partners of Q&Q Group Corp. Qreactive is based in Italy (Parma and Milan) and QNY Creative in Manhattan. Integrated, 24h/365 teams performing the same DNA.